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Our fabrics are made from the most advanced fibres, all sourced within Europe and include popular brand components such as Cool Max All Seasons (formally ThermoCool) , Lycra .

cool max fabric


The advanced fibers are designed to work with the body’s natural thermal capabilities through smart fibre cross-sections: Duoregulation™ adapts to the wearer’s needs keeping you warm in the cold arena and wicking moisture away when your body heats up.

Fibres such as Thermocool are the perfect choice for winter sports such as curling or summer sports such as golf.



Using the very latest technical CAD software we carefully create the technical specification for each product, ensuring great fit and accurate sizing  – our technical design conforms to European standards using test data from 1000s of body shapes. The graphic design process is carried out using the latest collection of Adobe products such as Illustrator – allowing for great looking designs.

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